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At Townsite Marina our goal is to provide unparalled comprehensive service to our patrons. An integral part of our commitment is to assist you with your boat care needs. If your boat needs a little TLC, or it is time for a major haul-out, we are dedicated to making these projects as accessible and efficient as possible.

The following list highlights some of the services we are proud to offer on-site or by appointment at a reputable local boat yard:

Sail Repairs
Minor boat repairs
Engine service work
Detailing and power polishing
Hull inspections and cleaning/zinc replacement
Boat-watch program during your absences. Haul-out    coordination at one of the nearby boatyards. This service can    include full haul-out chores (bottom painting, power washing,    repairs, etc.)
Certified marine electrician
Canvas work

Note: Other services can be arranged by talking to the Dockmaster.

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Additional Services
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